The Hisinger

by Rade

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Destroyed sounds

All songs made in Renoise 3.0
additional elements made in VOCALOID3


released February 9, 2017

Made by Rob Scott and Aaron Nye





Collective comprised of:
Rob Scott
Jack Cates
Aaron Nye

Denver, CO

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Track Name: Exhaustion
Only really special here on
Only really special here on
Oh, that was just to show you im really here(x4)
I'll be frozen here on.
No more going at it wrong.
If forever we'll see,
but no more guessing for me
Track Name: Snakes
end of the day
Us young people fade away
You cant escape the day
bitch watch me im okay

You're fucked up. You're out of focus.
My last words I know will be about you cause
Ive got that kind of Whack
Shit that kinda of slacks
Sunrise to sunset to watch it all come back

illness instilled by stillness
Deleted all your wellness
act like this aint a sting
find you quite disgusting

You wouldn't last a day
youre stuck in your own ways
bombarded by saddest days
you piss it all away

being led on is kind of how it feels
actin like i dont exist is how it feels
Puttin up a barrier
separation scarier
Tell me what you meant by this

Well fuck you. And fuck that.
One thing I know is i aint even about that.
My shits financial. Growth Exponential.
Growing up is when you realize your own potential

Yours is like shit
mine is sky high
yet you have the gall to swat me like a fly

If I split you in half
you wouldnt be half of me
If you were ever to try
I think I'd die laughing

body waste away
mental fades are grey
your brain a sad excuse
tar pit of your own ways

ive got bad news
nothing really changes
we just wander aimless
friends turn into strangers

body waste away
mental fades are grey
your brain a sad excuse
tar pit of your own ways

ive got bad news
nothing really changes
we just wander aimless
friends turn into strangers

Cognizant regression
Hurling confessions
Locked away from the light in the
caverns that you left them

Your mind in retrograde
A glass of melonade
spread your ahses far across mainstreet


You sold yourself off
For false inclusion
Unbeknownst to you
You've bought into illusion

Your childish ways
they must end today
Im just getting started I have
so much left to say


Pretty Sweet
Would you believe it, that this is your brother?
No thats not a man in white or anything.
Track Name: Meek
You are
You are
You are, aaa

You, you you
are are you
you are you are

You are really gay
you are really gay
you are really gay
Track Name: Interactions
not an uncommon problem
they forget about you
never was invited there
putting you through mental wear and tear

you never had the chance
to cross their minds enhance
as a person youre irrelevant
shit shoved up the bathroom vent

to them youre not a person
with traits, mistakes, and your own personality
but rather a novel idea of a bait and switch externality

fuck yall for denying me interaction
you dont have the empathy for the action
of making me believe that im a human just like you are

its increasingly easy
to become so lazy
in regards to leaving
ending up bent over dry heaving

wake up and the sun is drowning
get up check my surroundings
empty cans of beer lay here
next to my sense of pride or fear

I see the pictures in the morning
ceremonies in the place of mourning
I see the picutres in the evening too
holding a bottle of whatever it makes you

fake. Irrelevant asanine fake.
something i learned the hard way
now its easily carved a mental pathway
something i learned the hard way.

I feel caged in the mire
keep my head down as I wade through
Hope to myself that one of these cold winter nights
ill find you.

The woman in the bright red dress
Atoms split, we caress
Hold my hand no regrets
But she went and played me for fetch

Overwraught, I feel dread.
I can feel the means to our end
monosaccharide exposure
she gave me no reason nor closure

Cut me up, or in half
im not a bull just a calf
left in the bin and at bay
fleeting connection fades away

put everything on the table
in an attempt to stay stable
but from this far away, im not able
my fire inside, its not hateful.

im on a whim, im on a lamb
stab my back, she sliced my hands
i gave her a second chance
she went and made a void of distance

keep my mouth shut, hold it in
stir inside the walls of the bin
no energy left to crack a snide smirk
or a grin


mental health
this fire can no longer be contained
your reasoning is inane
now hear our sound invade your brain

Did you care when I came back?
I just dont remember
when I gave a speech?
I just dont remember
when I slept on a couch?
I just dont remember

Course not cause im not brought
to that kind of meek attention
Seek not cause its not sought
To that kind of bleak apprehension

Did you when I didnt leave the house?
I just dont remember
came back from across the planet?
I just dont remember
When I took off and ran it?
I just dont remember.

its all these times i just dont remember
Track Name: No Access
Perfect place to see that bullshit face to face
Always waitin to Die in a digital age
Get goin screens see me goin all place to place
Summating what I know filled up the guage

Perfect place to see that bullshit face to face
Always waitin to Die in a digital age
Get goin screens see me goin all place to place
Summating what I know filled up the guage

The rain came down and soaked me gross and choaked me
couldnt cleanse what i said coldly

Depression roams
Happy homes
this outlet could never exist on its own
thought blocker
big talker
thank god it silences it for a while
Makes you smile
With bright lights
numbs your eyes and makes day and night
bleed together
formed tether
tween you and it yet seems harmless
Fine conversations and vine compilations
new contemplations, and them chriddof animations
Hit refresh to view blood and flesh
excercise vanity on the twitter feed
The strong chain
Jokes of Tame
wash over you like its acid rain
Its existence is fucking unnatural
but without it I doubt it
Id be something unnatural

Towards the end of the end of the decade
I approached the newly made chromium cascade
From that day forward not a day from it
Like any addiction it just keeps me in

The cell im ins bars are all holographic
Lazily gaze over information graphic
Look at it as good or as a sad thing
The best part is i built the bars lauging

I own nothing
Track Name: Stoking the Flames
I dont hate you
I dont hate me
but i swear to god
it feels like something inbetween

Why is it a game
when i drop the name
is it just my obsession with
stoking the flames?

you fucking weak
you fucking dreg
leaving myself standing
on one leg

again and again
i never learn
then again is it just my brain?

that makes a change
after social exchange
sure is different
when you think in the night time

loosen up with a bit of that at the right time
few drinks in seem to came at the right time
time speeds up doing something stupid this time
Track Name: Cave
God Left me split had to build myself up
I put miku on da track to hype that shit up
Its so fucking cold cant keep up in this state
The ice produced got to have formed in the cave

formal decay, clock ticks its time away
deleteing every minute at increasing rates
Feel it slip away down the bottomless pit
the one looks that looks rotten down there in the snakes pit

White bone demon with a head full of static
black boots ripped jeans holdin an automatic

standin at the gate it was time for the break
gettin revenge on a fucker was at stake

Now that I think about it im worked to death
soon enough last breath you will meet god
not to mention you spend every cent that you get
and thats why your words aint really worth shit

why you talkin
i dont listen
act like im deaf
take that and go missin

it means nothing
i mean your words
write it all down
itll never be heard

you think they care
well youre wrong
all of it you share
i can put into a song

stupid as shit
just like frontin
makes me laugh
watchin you stuntin

Oh yea, forgot about somethin
joinin 10 clubs doesnt make you somethin
nor does judging what i do or what im in to
make you a saint or somethin like sun tzu

yea bitch

Get up out my cave you know you dont belong here
go back to your rave blastin beats formin a song here
Take a ride on a muon wave get on outta here
I said get up out my cave
Track Name: Baser Impulses
What did you say?
It was all a blur to me
I can't hear well.
I forget what I sound like
so its best if you leave like
a garden in a well.

You took my silence with you
highlight and delete
any traces of it left

excess of obsess
even though I knew
nothing was there

This plagued me daily
and nightly maybe
that sound that wasn't there.

in the war with the brain
it sends signals like pain
but like always its nothing

My silence died 2 years ago
if youre not careful yours will go
and be left with a noisy scar

keep your silence in tact
when its gone
you cant get it back
Track Name: Models
I know you dont love me
so maybe its time
to take it away from me

Fallen snow on my humble abode
cut down trees to crush my foes
I have nothing left inside.
In my visions only grey sorrows

Before you start let me impart some knowledge that you ought to know
See this finite life I live
hell no bitch it aint for sure

I know that you dont
I know that you is a bitch

So what am I to do
if I never had the urge to try
to lift myself up from underground
its where I used to lie

Trapped small limestone walls
Certainty is within us all
Keep your head high eyes sharp
you'll never see us fall
Track Name: The Hisinger
starin in the dark tryna listen to my heart beat
tryna figure out the stark difference tween you and me
Why does brain stretch thin layers of my sanity
torturous appearance kind of looks like vanity

Chemical reaction always leads to action
morose ambiance always trashin all my traction
cause some days always feel better than the rest
but one false say and your minds under arrest

Im dead Heat
Im dead Weight
Folding my body under the God strength

The mental models always be lookin like stigmata
tryna cool down with a splash of cool water
you're just singin well then sing it high fucker
the past is the past so leave it there fucker

Compulsions, my nerves, put me into atrophy
But stayin in bed will only lead to catastrophe
The feeling inside welling up till it summon
Saddest thing is that its kinda common

I haven't slept
so whats another drunken rampage
just swipes the problem off its feet
and leaves it time to age

But when it age it rots
different feeling different thoughts
sell you cures and ways to be pure
but again its never for sure

hangin on by a thread shouldnt
be the norm here
But stayin aint dead till
it takes on a form here

freezin in the heat and
burning in the cold
some people stay this way
far until the time theyre old

Wake me up and tell me how to live with it forever now
no seriously let me know do to it, the meaning of how
The brains architecture really stuck it in with this one
like a car in a ditch rollin tires until the sun
rises in the west, artificial death, Grants me
momentary clarity in dark depth of rest.
Maybe one day it will have a type of cure
maybe one day it will have the time for sure

Im dead heat
im dead weight
folding my body under the god strength
Track Name: Hyper Form Talismanic
listen up fucker
cause this is the end
atonement is out of the question
considering the depths of your sins

Theres a lot of updates
but I dont check that shit
not surprised when i hear
other people talkin shit

But whats it mean?
who's he talking bout?
whats the point of it all
making a hell this cloud?

im not safe
and i know it
plenty of bad things
i did for it

Speak for yourself
you selfish ass prick
Tryna start shit
well if the shoe fits

im a disgusting bigot
fucking sympathizer

thats why i spat the truth
on top of a synthesizer

I destroy everything here
with my sense of being

im unhealthily guarding the
last key behind the meaning
Hyper form talismanic tally up the bodies bitch

Push fear for myself with every step
Felt somethin snap when she gripped me by the neck
my strut's a megaton walk
I have no time for your foolish hackneyed shit talk

Now if you look to your right youll see the jealousy
my own brother grows green at the sight of me
see where im from, the winds knock you from your feet
now take a load off, but bitch please take a seat

You aint old enough to cruise down Lake St.
see where im from, you know I ain't meek

"if you knew what I knew" thats what you'd love to say
I wish I had your luxury to never see a gun raised
in my face
fuck a race
fuck yo bitch
and fuck yo fake face
this aint a competition Rade's won the race.

[Undiscernable Noise]